Finding the Best Roofer in Rochester, NY

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Rochester Roofing ContractorThe roof on your home is a crucial aspect of your home, because it protects everything inside of your house from the elements of the weather. An excellently constructed roof is absolutely necessary especially for Rochester, NY homes, because the harsh winter weather lasts from six to nine long, cold, bitter and snowy months. Compared to other improvements that are done to a home, roofing can be awfully expensive. You can expect to spend thousands of dollars on the project. To ensure that you get the quality roofing job that you are seeking for the money that you are spending, you are going to want to hire the right contractor for the job.

Here are some tips for finding the best roofer in Rochester, NY:

  • Look for a roofer who has been in the industry for at least five years. Ten years would be even better. Never hire contractors who are independently constructing roofs via Craigslist ads, without a business name, as you can end up with a rip-and-skip job, or worse yet, nothing accomplished at all once you give them your deposit.
  • Ask the roofing contractor you are interesting in using if they can tell you about a couple of properties where they recently put roofs on. Visit these properties and inspect different aspects of the roofs. Look at the spaces between the shingles, which are called water gaps. Are they lined up perfectly, forming a straight line? Are the shingles cut in a crisp, clean line along the roof valleys? There is a metal piece called flashing that essentially protects the eaves, valleys and chimney. Does is look like it was installed neatly? Ultimately, the roof should look like a professionally completed job to ensure that the roof is of the best quality, durable, looks beautiful, and provides the best protection for the home.
  • Check out Angie’s List, website that provides a forum where people can find companies that provide high quality service in their local area. Angie’s List is essentially based on reviews of companies that are posted by real people, so you can feel confident that if you do not want to. Angie’s List is comprised of only reviews posted by customers and has a certified data collection system that ensures that providers and companies cannot post fake reviews about their company. Angie’s List is a great place to go if you are looking for a roofer in the Rochester, NY area like JJ Construction.