Questions to ask your Rochester roofing contractor

Questions to Ask Your Rochester Roofing Contractor

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When you think about it, the roof over your head may be the most important part of your home. So when you need a roofing contractor in Rochester, only the best will do. Fortunately, if you’re currently in the market, there are some simple questions to ask your rochester roofing contractor, whether it be about a new roof, a reroof, emergency roof repair in Rochester or whether to restore or replace your current roof.

Can You Give Me a Quote?

There’s no getting over the importance of asking for a quote from a potential roofing contractor, whether in Rochester or if you need a roofer in Pittsford or Greece even. Until you get one, you simply shouldn’t give anyone your business.

But you need to make sure you get the right quote too. You need to get it in writing and with a breakdown of everything the quote covers. This will take care of any surprises coming up in the future. If you are looking for a residential roofer make sure to ask, same for commercial roofers in Rochester.

Get as many as you can too. This should literally be one of the first questions you ask. The more quotes you have, the more you can compare potential contractors. Quotes will also help you better understand what to expect from a contractor’s services.

Can You Show Me Some of Your Recent Work?

Any roofing contractor worth your time should have a portfolio of recent work they can present you with. You want it to be recent because roofs they’ve done years ago don’t reflect what you can expect from them. At the same time, make sure the roof has seen winter too. Someone who just had a roof done in the summer may not know how well the work is until snow comes.

Make sure they provide you with a contact too, so you can actually call the homeowner and confirm the work they allege they did. Take a look at the roof and also speak to the homeowner about their overall service and customer support. Were they cooperative, kind and respectful?

Are You Licensed, Certified and Insured?

Depending on where you live, a roofing contractor probably needs to be licensed and certified. This will ensure you that they know what they’re doing. Some contractors may try to offer you a deal to ignore the fact that they are missing these credentials. Don’t take the bait.

You also want to make sure any contractor who steps foot on your property is insured. Otherwise, if they get hurt or damage your home, you may be on the line, legally.

Though there is plenty more to consider, these three questions alone will get you headed in the right direction when you are looking for a contractor to handle your roofing needs.