Professional Deck Builders in Rochester, NY

One feature every home should have is a deck. Not only is  it great for enjoying your home even more, it will add significantly to your overall property value. However, to get the best deck possible, you need the best deck builder possible too. That’s where JJ Construction can be of service. Here’s how the process generally goes.

Contact Us First for Your Deck Construction Rochester

Every deck is different, just like every home is unique. So before getting too far into the process, give us a call at JJ Construction (585-865-5428). We’ll walk you through what goes into building the ideal deck. It’s also when we’ll have a chance to explain to you the different materials you have to choose from.

This initial step will also take into consideration any of your personal requests like preferences for materials and general aesthetic. Although we’ll eventually visit to survey the area, it also helps if you explain your home and backyard.

Questions and Concerns

After our initial consultation, it’s normal for you to have some questions and concerns. Typically, it may take a day or two, maybe even a week, for all of these to surface. This is an important part of the process, so take your time in thinking these through and contact us again when you’re ready to present them. We’re confident we’ll have the answers you need. However, even if we don’t for some reason, well be sure to find them and get back to you.

Onsite Visit

Once we’ve completed the above steps, JJ Construction will send out one of our qualified professionals to actually take a look at your property. This will go a long way toward giving us a better idea of what the project will take. We can also bring out some sample materials to help you make up your mind in this regard.

Before leaving, our professional will work with you to develop a proposal for the deck that takes into account all the details, including the materials and cost. We’re dedicated to having that proposal in your inbox before our professional leaves.

Begin the Build

Finally, it will be time to begin building the deck of your dreams. However, before we do, our team will:

  • Present you with a quote
  • Provide you with all the relevant paperwork for approval
  • Secure the necessary permits

Once we begin building your deck, you can rest assured we will keep you updated on its progress the entire way. That being said, depending on the weather, we should have the project completed within a few days

If you’re ready to enjoy more of the outdoors in Rochester, New York, consider adding a deck to your home. JJ Construction can certainly handle the project, which will involve the above steps.