Roof Repair in Rochester

Not all roof problems require entirely new roofs. For some Rochester home, a first-rate repair job will keep the roof going strong for many more years. Maybe a number of shingles should be replaced. Perhaps the flashing needs updating. Sometimes ice dams take their toll. (Ah, that Rochester weather again!)

Repairs are possible when certain roofing issues are caught early enough. If left too long, they worsen, and the whole roof is affected. Of course, that takes more time and money to fix.

Let JJ Construction’s roofers check out your residential or commercial roof. We may be able to catch problems while they’re still small enough to patch. We want your roof in tip-top condition, but we won’t do more work than is absolutely necessary. We have a reputation for honesty, and we plan to keep it that way.

Emergency Roof Repair in Rochester

Most roof problems happen over time, but every once and a while… BAM! A roof goes from decent to damaged in the blink of an eye. What can cause a roof crisis? Unfortunately, lots of things, including:

  • A hole made when a new device, such as an antennae or skylight, is (poorly) installed
  • A really, really bad storm (Remember, this is Rochester.)
  • An old tree that refuses to stand up anymore
  • A lightning strike
  • Fire
  • An ice dam

When a roof problem is urgent, you need it fixed fast and you need to contract a roofer in Rochester, NY. JJ Construction has 24-hour emergency service for Rochester roof repair. We’ll be on the spot ASAP to give you a free quote. Once we’re on the job, we’ll have your roof in proper condition again soon.