Roof Vents

Roof vents are lesser-known but extremely important parts of roofs. They serve two purposes.

  • An intake vent lets outside air into an attic or ventilation space. It’s typically on a low point of the roof.
  • An exhaust vent lets air from an attic or ventilation space escape to the outside. It’s usually near the roof peak.

The most common intake roof vents used in Rochester are the long, continuous soffit vent or shorter individual soffit vent. Exhaust vents have more variety, including:

  • Ridge vent: Located along a roof ridge, it’s sometimes covered with shingles.
  • Static vent: Individual vents are put in near the roof ridge.
  • Gable-end vent: This variation is installed in a wall near — you guessed it! —  a gable’s peak.
  • Turbine vent: The wind rotates the vent’s blades to draw air out.

Improper venting leads to problems. Your house or building overheats, and cooling costs skyrocket. Roofing and insulation materials break down. Moisture builds up, causing damage and mold growth. And because of our famous  (or infamous) Rochester winters, poor ventilation allows ice dams to form.

At JJ Construction, our Rochester roofing contractors can help you avoid vent issues. We install roofs, replace, maintain and repair roof vents. Though a properly installed vent should last a long time, high winds or intense hail sometimes cause damage. By fixing or preventing problems, our work saves you money in the long run.