Step-by-Step Roofing Process Explained by JJ Construction

Our Roofing Process for Rochester NY

Our Roofing Process for Rochester NY

  1. Inspection and Preparation
  2. Dismantling the Old Roof
  3. Applying the New Underlayment
  4. Installation of New Shingles
  5. Wall Flashing and Ventilation Replacement
  6. Rooftop Cleanup
  7. Quality Inspection

At JJ Construction, we specialize in the installation, renovation and replacement of residential rooftops for our customers. As experts in Rochester roof installation, we offer complete solutions for installing metal rooftops, wooden shingle rooftops, slate rooftops and more. While the construction of a rooftop depends on the support structure beneath and whether the roof is pitched or even, we’d like to share the step-by-step process that we use for the vast majority of our roof jobs.

1: Inspection and Preparation

Before roofing materials make their way to your home, one of our dedicated and knowledgeable team leaders needs to inspect your home and come up with an organized plan for removing your old, worn rooftop. A good inspection removes a great degree of uncertainty with the rest of the roofing process, and can either speed up the entire job when done well or slow it down greatly when done poorly.

Our inspectors use tried-and-true methods to determine the best spots to place ladders, the appropriate places to start disassembling the old roof and the best way to begin installing the new one. Once this plan is ready to be put in action, the rest of the team comes with all of the materials necessary; protective tarps get placed over your home and yard to protect your property from falling debris.

2: Dismantling the Old Roof

Once we have a plan, our Rochester roofing specialists quickly set to work dismantling the former rooftop installation on your home. While removing shingles and other materials, we verify the integrity of your roof’s substrate in order to make sure that it can support the new roof. If we determine that the substrate surface has deteriorated over time, we’ll put a repair plan into action immediately.

When dismantling rooftops, we typically work in specific phases so that no large section of the roof is left unprotected for any significant period of time.

3: Applying the New Underlayment

Your new rooftop shingles need to have a reliable, sturdy underlayment to rest on. After dismantling your old roof installation, we verify your existing underlayment to determine whether we need to repair it or replace it. If your underlayment is in good shape, we may be able to simply install the new roof over it, but this depends on how severely weather and other conditions may have affected it over time.

4: Installation of New Shingles

The majority of our Rochester roofing jobs involve installing new shingles either out of wood, slate or a variety of other materials. Once the new underlayment is in place, we can begin attaching the new shingles. We use high quality fasteners to ensure that our roof shingles stay in place longer and resist inclement weather better than our competition.

When installing new singles, we use professional scaffolding instead of simple walkboards that can penetrate the roofing membrane and cause accidental damage. This ensures the fastest and most professional results.

5: Wall Flashings and Ventilation Replacement

In order to guarantee the best possible results, we need to replace wall flashings and ventilation ports on the homes we work on. This ensures that your new roof is perfectly compatible with the structure of your home and offers the unified aesthetic appeal that you want in your newly renovated home. This service improves the performance of your home’s ventilation and the insulating capabilities of your roof.

If your rooftop has a ridge vent, it is at this time that we install it, after the shingles and flashing are already in place. Common among pitched roofs, the ridge vent sits on the very top portion of the roof, at the corner where the two sides of the pitch meet.

6: Rooftop & Ground Cleanup

Once the new roof is properly installed, we use rakes, blowers and magnets to remove any debris that may be left on or around the worksite. This step ensures that your rooftop is left in pristine condition and that you don’t have to worry about finding debris in and around your yard. Following cleanup of the actual roof, we pack and remove the tarps covering your property and remove the trash container.

7: Quality Inspection

At this point, your home is ready for a quality inspection from our field supervisor. This inspection covers not only the integrity of the new roof and its ability to withstand the elements for years to come, but also the completeness of the cleanup operation and every other aspect of the job. We use this final inspection to ensure that your needs have been met to the letter.

A Roofing Job Well Done

As one of the most reputable roofing companies in Rochester, NY, we ensure complete satisfaction with all of our roof installation and upgrade services. Our laborers are highly trained and dedicated to doing a good job. Furthermore, we make sure each one is properly licensed, insured and bonded for the task at hand. Our commitment to safe, high quality roof installation is what makes us a leader in our field. Give us a call and ask for an estimate on your home improvement project.