Roof Restoration or Replacement in Rochester, NY?

Roof Restoration or Replacement in Rochester, NY?

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Roof Restoration or Replacement in Rochester, NY?

Roof Restoration or Replacement in Rochester, NY?

A roof is one of those things you may take for granted, but you’ll immediately appreciate it as soon as something goes wrong. If you’re currently suffering through issues with your roof in Rochester, NY, you have two options: you can replace it or restore. Keep reading for help deciding which is right for you.

Start with Roof Repairs, if Possible

Repairs will always cost far less than a full on roof restoration. So when you’re having problems with your roof, look into repairing it first, even if it’s an emergency roof repair. In Rochester, NY, fixing a simple leak could cost as little as $100. Of course, it could also run you $5,000 too, for a much worse issue.

Sometimes, you may need to have your roof replaced, or reroof in Rochester, but you have some time to play with. So it has to be replaced to stave off very real damage to your home, but you have time before that becomes a reality. In cases like these, you might be able to get away with some affordable repairs in the meantime. This call should ultimately be made by a roofing contractor you trust though.

Is One Layer Enough?

Another way to mitigate the cost of a roof replacement is seeing if you need to replace the whole thing or just the top layer. Speak to your contractor about this. The truth is that only replacing a single layer only puts the problem off. But if you’re strapped for cash at the moment, this may be your best bet.

Consider as Many Options as Possible

Whether you need repairs or restoration, you’ll have the best chance of saving money on the process if you consider all your options. That means looking into every contractor in Rochester, NY and surrounding areas such as roofers in Pittsford and roofers in Greece.

Also, be sure you consider all their services too. Let them know you’re shopping around as this will give you the best chance of getting their most affordable option. They’ll know they have competitors to undercut.

This also means the materials themselves. Nowadays, there are a number of options for your roofing that are far friendlier to your energy bill. This can help take some of the bite out of a hefty roofing bill. Environmentally friendly options can come with a surprising tax credit too. Chances are potential creditors will be more than happy to explain all this to you.

When your roof starts causing problems, it’s important you address it immediately. However, consider the above before picking one route or the other. Just as important as fixing it immediately is getting the fix you actually need.